We provide a number of diverse services to our customers so as to make the insertion of Staristix products into the work flow efficient and painless.

Platform Integration

We can work with you to identify the most optimal platform for your needs. We have relationships with some of the leading platform manufacturers. Should your needs be such that they require a platform of your choice, we can assist you through our relationships with integrators to come up with a solution that will work for you.

Exploitation and Dissemination Optimization

We can optimize our exploitation algorithms to your  requirements. We have a diverse set of algorithmic toolkit that could be brought to bear towards your needs in a efficient manner.

Given your spectrum constraints we can work with you to identify the right communication tools so as to result in the timely dissemination mechanisms.

We can integrate our outputs with your Geo Int tools.


We can train your pilots to fly the persistent surveillance missions in an effective manner.

We can provide training to your IT teams with the different Staristix IT infrastructure components.