With its geographically wide coverage areas and prolonged periods of capture, Wide Area Persistent Surveillance (WAPS) produces data. Lots of it.
But what you need is actionable intelligence. And with such a virtual fire hose of raw data, it takes a smart, optimized viewing and analysis tool to deliver that. Only then can objects of interest be detected, isolated, and have their spatial paths traced backward and forward in time relative to an event of interest, delivering the actionable intelligence you’re looking for.
With perfectly matched hardware and software, the Staristix Stare Station™ 1000 delivers an exceptional viewer that knows how to navigate images and their related metadata to discover activities, patterns of activities, and objects of interest through time and space.
Stare Station™ 1000 doesn’t waste a single pixel. It allows users to create and process multiple regions of interest, each with its own sub-window. It can optimally map your captured images on any size of screen ranging from hand-held devices to the largest multi-screen wall displays.
Criminals and terrorists don’t take turns to commit their acts. Chances are that for a wide enough area, multiple events of interest are taking place at any given time. Each has its own unique circumstances and its own unique needs for querying the surveillance data. With its user selectable choice of multi-core CPU and memory and rapid decompression of stored data, Stare Station™ 1000 can handle multiple events
and objects of interest so that independent lines of inquiry on several different events can each be pursued without hindrance to the others.
Processing, exploitation and dissemination (PED) are all achieved by presenting the detections and tracks of objects of interest in seemingly 3-D space overlaying the images. These 3-D layers of information can be selectively visualized so as not to overwhelm the viewer.
Each Region of Interest window has its own playback and image enhancement controls. When combined with the seamless view of time and connectivity with other compatible data repositories, Stare Station™ 1000 offers one of the most powerful, versatile, and cost-effective WAPS viewing platforms available.