A step up from our entry level Cheetah Stare Server™ 500, the Staristix Stare Server™ 1000 incorporates the Stare Gazer™ 290-MF (monochrome) and 290-CF (full color) 29 megapixel sensor and our signature 18mm F3.5 Carl Zeiss Distagon lens.
The result is a cost-effective, easy to deploy turnkey image capture solution for your land- and sea-based Wide Area Persistent Surveillance (WAPS) needs. Equipped with a state-of-the-art hardware accelerator, the Cheetah Stare Server™ 1000 delivers acquisition and video analytics in full color or monochrome with resolution providing stunning ground sampling distances without sacrificing field of view. Cheetah Stare Server™ 1000 will comfortably allow you to track a vehicle in dense or fast moving traffic without losing the designated vehicle “in the crowd.” Cheetah Stare Server™ 1000 comes with 1 Terabyte of Solid State Drive storage, making it a perfect choice for medium to large surveillance areas such as a mid-sized cityscape or sensitive area of a major city such as an airport or harbor. It also allows super-long recording sessions with removable drives for rapid transfer into more powerful archival storage using the Staristix Stare Store™ 1000 data storage system (sold separately) where it can be combined with earlier captured data. In either location the data can be fully dissected and analyzed in multiple covered geographic and time window(s) using the Staristix Stare Station™ 1000 viewing and query platform (also sold separately).