Falcon Stare 4000 is a wide area motion imagery (WAMI) platform that can persistently sense a region 4 kilometer in diameter, with an average ground sampling distance of 0.5 meters from a typical altitude of 8000 feet above the ground level. The airborne component consists of a gimbal and a Falcon Server 1000. The server contains a removable fast access 1 Terabyte solid state disk drive. It can store one day’s worth of data that can be moved to the ground based storage at the end of the mission. It also contain a hardware acceleration for performing ortho-rectification and PED (processing, exploitation and dissemination).

The Falcon Gimbal is a 7.5 inch gimbal that is lightest (8 lb.) and smallest gimbal in its class. It has an extra camera that provides image based stablization to enhance the stability. It is based on Cloud Cap Technology’s TASE 400 family of micro gimbals. These are field proven gimbals that have been deployed on wide variety of platforms ranging from aircraft, helicopters , aerostats and uavs.

These airborne components can be installed in aircraft, helicopters, aerostats or unmanned aerial vehicles. The ground components consist of Stare Server 1000, Stare Store and Stare Station 1000 workstation for viewing imagery and meta data.