In this world fraught with a multitude of security challenges, Staristix tm  offers agencies and companies who are responsible for the security of their citizens and regions a smart and cost effective way of achieving their objectives. Bringing the latest technologies and algorithms to bear on these pressing needs, Staristix provides affordable new sensing products that focus in on the information that matters. Solving your visualization issues by simply putting in more video cameras only goes so far. This brute force approach of ever increasing number of monitors overwhelms the eyes and is far from ideal. By deploying Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI) products coupled with Video Analytics, decision makers now have a very powerful tool to deploy and secure sensitive regions.

Staristix products offer persistence of sensing on efficient platforms of deployment, thereby enabling wide spread deployment. This in turn results in larger sensing ground footprint over longer periods of time. By offering both air borne and ground based platforms, decision makers now have a choice to optimally locate the sensors in terms of resolution in time and space. The persistent sensing allows data analytics to extract both short and long term patterns of activities and anomalies.

The secure connectivity enables dissemination of highly compressed and geo referenced information and data products in real or near real time. Staristix  products are all about Actionable Intelligence gathering.

Decision makers no longer need to worry about having to work with a number of companies to create the desired capability. Staristix offers them a one stop shopping experience. We partner with the best in class manufacturers.

SoftServ offers custom services to insert Staristix technology seamlessly into enterprise information flow. SoftServ also offers training to allow operators in the air and ground effective use of the products.

Staristix can be deployed for the following services amongst others