Lowering the bar for accessibility, the Staristix Cheetah Stare Server™ 500 is our entry level WAMI image capture solution for land- and sea-based surveillance. Conceived and developed from the ground up to meet the exacting price-performance demands of civilian sector WAMI. With Cheetah Stare Server™ 500 budget-conscious public safety decision makers can look forward to providing responsible vigilance, allowing citizens to go about their business in peace.

Cheetah Stare Server™ 500 comes with the Stare Gazer™ 090-MC, a 9 megapixel monochrome CCD sensor .

For color imagery the Stare Gazer™ 090-CF (9 megapixel color) should be specified.

Cheetah Stare Server™ 500’s comes with lightning-fast 480 GB Solid State Drive storage with which you can start adding WAMI to your public space surveillance tool-set.  View and track multiple objects of interest.

Archive months of data and track objects within the surveillance geography and over any archived time window (requires Staristix Stare Store™ 1000, sold separately)